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Managed IT

Round the clock, managed IT support

INVAR is staffed by an expert team of IT professionals. When you call INVAR during business hours, we ensure you are speaking with one of our IT experts in 5 minutes or less. If your call is outside of business hours we GUARANTEE to return your call within 30 minutes.

Want to make the switch to managed IT services?

We get it… when you first started, you could get away with having just one “IT guy” who took care of everything. But after a certain point, relying on a single person for all your technology needs can cause serious bottlenecks.
On the other hand, hiring an entire in-house IT department is expensive. Beyond the cost of salaries, you’d also have to recruit, train, and manage this team. But you still want a centralized, systematic way of doing things. No more adding individual workstations on the fly, transferring files manually or sharing passwords.
Don’t let your business suffer! INVAR are here to help. With INVAR, you get all of this:

  • Staffed by Professional Humans, Not Robots
  • Predictable, Flat-rate Pricing
  • Zero Mark-up On Hardware Orders
  • All The IT Experts You Need in One Place
  • Three Month Free Service Guarantee

A single point of contact

Help desks, systems admins, IT project managers and more: we consolidate various IT roles under one roof and create a single point of contact who speaks directly to your CFO, CEO, or COO. We’ll take care of all your IT needs from network setup to phone systems. That way, you aren’t left running from one vendor to another to manage all your IT needs.

“While our past providers constantly transferred us to the proper department giving us no support and only headaches, INVAR’s “personal touch” approach to customer service is the reason we have been using them for years.” – Michelle Sampson – CBRE

Managed IT with proactive support

Many managed service providers will only send a representative once something’s already gone horribly wrong. We prefer to take a proactive approach and prevent issues before they have a chance to affect your day to day business. That’s why we insist on starting with a thorough review of your current IT infrastructure and compare it against our 147 point checklist of industry standards and best practices. Plus, we stick around even after deployment, with 24/7 support and monthly onsite visits.


We’re a boutique firm that only serves clients in the Tri-State area whom we can deliver value to. One way we help our clients is by being completely transparent about our processes. Here’s what you can expect within the first 3 to 4 weeks of working with us.
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