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Our Process

First Steps

Here at INVAR, we don’t have thousands of clients ­­ we’re a boutique firm that only serves clients in the tri-­state area whom we can deliver value to. One way we help our clients is by being completely transparent about our processes. Here’s what you can expect within the first 3 to 4 weeks of working with us:

An in­-depth analysis of your needs

We don’t want to recommend unnecessary, expensive changes. That’s why we start by performing a detailed assessment of your existing network, workstations, and configuration ­­ to see exactly what meets standards and what doesn’t. Our Managed IT experts will create technical documentation, including a technical misalignment report (also known as a BOMBS report) detailing parts of your current configuration that aren’t in line with today’s IT best practices. During this time we’ll also perform network scans and create configuration snapshot backups of your firewall settings and NAS drives.

An IT plan tailored to your business goals

It’s OK if you’re a little overwhelmed by all the tech speak ­­- we’re here to walk you through it. After completing an initial assessment of your system, an IT administrator will sit down with you to go over the technical misalignment report. Together, we’ll develop a list of priorities that takes your unique timeline and budget into consideration.

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Getting set up -­­ hardware, remote monitoring, security, and more

Using the technical misalignment report as a starting point, we’ll start tackling the highest priority items. At the same time, we’ll create an inventory of all your tech assets. We’ll help you get up to speed with anything that’s completely outdated and lay out your options for anything that could use an upgrade. Remember: we don’t add any markups to hardware you order through us, so we only make recommendations when you actually need them. We’ll also deploy and configure a VSA, RMM tool on each device. These allow us to monitor the status of your devices remotely so that we can provide immediate support. To enhance security, we’ll deploy a program called Bitdefender to all your desktops and servers, perform a full scan of all assets, and update passwords on all networking security devices and servers.

On­going support

No one likes to be surprised when it comes to the future of their business. That’s why we develop a long­-term plan to strategically optimize your network and IT support. This includes benchmarks for future evaluations and scheduled review meetings. We’ll be proactively supporting and maintaining your network so we can catch glitches before they happen. By letting us handle your IT headaches for you, you’ll be able to focus on what you really care about: running your business.

Ready to get started?

Of course, every business is different so there’s no one­-size­-fits­-all plan. We’d love to hear more about your specific IT needs so that we can develop a strategy tailored for you. If you’re ready to get started, click here to send us a message or call (212) 804-8297 to speak with us now.