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Grameen Case Study

Grameen America is a non-profit financial services company that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women who live in poverty build businesses to enable financial mobility. The company provides business loans, advice on savings and help with credit scores.

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RiseBoro Case Study

RiseBoro Community Partnership is a non-profit organization and an affordable housing charity.

They have 2,200 units of low-income housing for senior citizens, families and single residents. The organization has one central office and various locations spread over New York City.

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Mosner Family Brands Case Study

Mosner Family Brands is a family-owned, wellness meat company. The business is now the third generation and has sold organic, humanely raised meat since 1957.

They have strategic farming partners all over the globe as well as their manufacturing and distribution headquarters in the Bronx, NY. Since Mosner Family Brands do business worldwide, having a robust IT infrastructure is essential.

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