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INVAR Technologies consults, implements, and supports modern productivity and security technologies to help forward leading nonprofits, financial companies and US manufacturers have the most impact.

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We Are Your Technology Partners And Do Our Best Work With…

Nonprofits, Financial Services, U.S. Manufacturers and other organizations looking to:

Secure their workforce from cybercrimes
Meet various compliance & audit requirements
Increase efficiency of operations
Operate as top businesses
Complete multi-branch management of technology nationwide
Simplify & improve customer interaction experience

Your INVAR's Technology Roadmap™

We understand the challenges faced by nonprofits. Therefore, we have developed INVAR's Technology Roadmap™ to make sure your team can spend more time on what really matters.

Step 1: Intro Call

Schedule a 30-minute video session to learn your goals and current technology condition.

You do not go to the dentist for an eye exam, and we want to make sure we are the right technology partner for your organization. If we are not, we will happily point you to the right expert.

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Step 2: Plot the Course

The next step is a one-hour meeting via Teams. We will get crystal clear on your technology goals, needs and concerns. Ideally with the leadership team – bring everyone to the table to identify important mission and organizational objectives!
Just as a doctor won’t diagnose before they prescribe, our goal is to understand your entire situation, holistically during this meeting.

Step 3: Present the Plan

Now that we understand your situation, we crystalize your organizational objectives and goals into specific action steps, and present your INVAR’s Technology Roadmap™.
We present a clear path to reach your goals, answer any questions and suggest best next steps in plain English.

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What Happens After You Get Your INVAR’s Technology Roadmap™

After we present your INVAR’s Technology Roadmap™, we will ask if you’d like us to help you with the next steps.
If you decide to move forward, we’ll take care of your paperwork and start implementing your plan together.

Ready to get started on your INVAR's Technology Roadmap™?

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Why do Companies LOVE INVAR Technologies?

Passionate About Your Mission

We focus on developing industry-specific solutions because we support your mission and want you to succeed.

No Upcharge on your Hardware Purchases

We do not take a margin on any hardware equipment. Instead, we will only charge you for our services. We pass on our volume discounts directly to your mission.

Fast Response Times

We are available 24/7 to answer your queries and to provide assistance. You can reach us in as little as 7 seconds through chat and 2 minutes on a call. The average issue resolution time is just 17 minutes!

Single Source for Technological Solutions

INVAR Technologies presents a single source of technology expertise for your industry. We consistently learn new cutting-edge technologies. Our team is extremely resourceful and provides great scalable solutions.

Proactive Methodology

We only employ proactive, risk-reducing, holistic approaches – no band-aids.

Long Lasting Relationships

Our average client relationship length is 11 years.

Let us show you how INVAR can improve your business!